Adaptability and Resilience will see you through


               Research studies at the University of Illinois have found that higher levels of aerobic fitness results in more compact white matter tracts in the brain, which is associated with faster and more efficient nerve activity from one brain region to another which will improve cognitive functions.

               As such we do our utmost to provide our students with opportunities to improve their cognitive powers-by provision of Inter house sporting competitions. Swimming and aerobics. Quoting from an article written by Anne Ingram, ‘’from a young age students in a quest for self-betterment, can struggle at times with over commitment. Life is transformed into a frantic dash from one scheduled event to another, with parents juggling the roles of worker, carer, chauffer and cheerleader. Technology has contributed to this frenetic pace with the pressure to be hyper connected all day, every day. Attention often becomes splintered between the real and the virtual world and such distraction can result in a lack of focus and shortened attention spans. Add to this parental expectation and the students increasing perfectionistic tendencies! -and the result is a pressurized atmosphere for our teenagers, which can at times be overwhelming. A promising approach to enhancing the wellbeing of adolescents in schools is to provide training in mindfulness. Mindfulness has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety levels, increase focus and concentration as well as improve mental performance. Though ‘mindfulness’ stems from the ancient history of Buddhist philosophy-perhaps it would do our children a world of good if we could introduce programmes of mindfulness by suitable mentors at least as a once a month session.

             We are often asked –‘’Are all students meant to become Scientists, CEO’s or Neurosurgeons. NO they are not-although of course many of them will! Our intent at K.G.S speaks of contributing to their world-whatever world it is that they choose, on the International stage, in a particular field that they select or at home within their families and communities-we will give them- THE IDEALS, THE ROLE MODELS, THE CONFIDENCE, THE RESILIENCE and an EXCELLENT EDUCATION to ensure that they follow not just their minds but their hearts in a world beyond school’’

                                    ‘’Education to the mind without education to the heart

                                      Is no education at all’’


               It is imperative to instill in the students that to realize ones aspirations- deep reflection, deep questioning and deep understanding are essential, as these allow one to soar in ones thinking ability. Fundamental to perusing depth is the demand for stillness and reflection. This requires ATTENTION & being present-FULLY PRESENT, for as author William James wrote “Only those items which I notice shape my mind”. When people bury their heads in a screen they miss so much of what’s going on around them. The average person now spends more time Online than talking to friends and family face to face. The compelling, constantly changing and pervasive nature of social media within our popular culture, has meant we struggle to keep up with it and at times cannot step away from it. A digital world that is exciting and rapidly changing has resulted in one’s attention span shrinking.

 Howard Gardner from Harvard’s Graduate School of education says – “Even in the light of side effects of technological advances on an attention span and ways of thinking – the VIRTUES, TRUTH, BEAUTY & GOODNESS remain the crucial bedrock of existence. If we want to appreciate the beauty, ponder over truth, debate about goodness and encourage deep thought we must at times pull ourselves away from the screen, literally take the phones away to see the world around us”

Of course we hope that all our students will in the future have the family they want, the jobs they want, the money they want  and the life they want. But if things don’t quite go the way you anticipate them now, know that with the ADAPTABILITY AND RESILIENCE you gained at KGS-you are still destined to prevail.

             As a former President of the United States, Roosevelt once said- “We are face to face with our destiny and we must meet it with a high and resolute courage. For us is the life of action, of strenuous performance of duty. Let us live in harness striving mightily; Let us rather run the risk of wearing out than rusting out.”






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