In recent years preschool education has become more and more important as research has shown that children learn more in their first five years than at any other time in their lives.

We offer additional experiences to the ‘‘learning at home’’ all children do, by offering experiences that will compliment and extend it.



NURSERY AND KINDERGARTEN activities are fun, enjoyable and yet fruitful experiences. The ‘Play areas’ all have a purpose and are carefully structured to provide as much learning as possible. The outdoor environment too is planned with equal consideration. Children also learn to be sensitive, respect and accept our cultural diversity.

At the Kindergartens we concentrate on laying the foundation for later learning promoting positive attitudes during these productive years.





The children’s daily routine involves

1. Staff welcoming the children and the children’s return response.

2. Self registration activity.

3. Group time in carpeted area.

4. Using group time to introduce literacy work-letters, sound, colour and shape recognition and number work.

5. Children involved in their own selected activities, to work at their own pace and develop their originality.

6. Working with adults on more directed activities-Working with computers. through discussion, questioning and participation extending the

    children’s play and

    learning opportunities and leading them onto new experiences.

7. Helping children to learn to think for themselves, to plan what they want to do and be able to carry it out. They are also helped to follow

    instructions and stay on task with or without an adult. But the adults remain always in the background to provide help and support when


    [Activities 1-7 will be interspersed with Milk/drink/fruit time and Lunch time at appropriate times.]


8. Story and song /dance time.

9. Tidying up toys time.

10. Giving the children any work created by them to take home.




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