K.G.S is committed to providing a safe, respectful and disciplined Teaching and Learning environment for all Students and Staff. Our students have opportunities to engage in quality learning experiences and acquire values supportive of their lifelong learning and wellbeing.

1. Providing a welcoming, warm and safe environment to students.

2. Providing excellence in teaching and learning - to achieve the best student outcomes in all aspects of the curriculum.

3. Demonstrating fair, equitable and inclusive practices for all.

4. Being sensitive and respecting our cultural diversity.

5. Acknowledging and respecting each individual’s needs, abilities and potential.

6. Facilitating and encouraging students to increasingly take responsibility for their own learning by means of ongoing

    Homework tasks, Assessments and Term Tests.

7. To deliver Education, Social and Career development Services to students.

8. To create a positive climate with an emphasis on enhancing academic achievement, self esteem, physical well being,

     interpersonal skills and personal  goal setting.

9. Students will effectively use Technology to present information in a variety of multimedia formats. Our school has embraced

     digital technology with i pads and computers playing an important role enabling easier access to learning resources.

     Presently students sit for IT exams at GCSE and hope to take up higher examination levels in the near future.

10.We teach effectively all subjects required for high level achievement at GCE [OL] and [AL] , Local Eng med [OL] and [AL]

     and IT- EDEXEL Examinations.It is also noted that most international schools coach students only in one stream ,( either

     local or London), where as KGS  prepares students for both London and local exams.

         • Science/Eng/Maths are popular subjects at A/Ls and Econ/ Politics and Business studies have become equally popular


         • All study a modern language from  year 3 onwards(French)which is offered by some students as an examination subject.

11. In the Junior School the fact that Religion [Buddhism/Chris./Islam/Hinduism] and [Sinhala/Tamil] are taught at KGS is highly

      appreciated  by Parents as it is a feature that differs from other International schools. We shall continue to have the above 2

      subjects on our school curriculum. We are now planning to introduce another  additional subject-Sri Lankan History. It is a

      known fact that lankan children living overseas  possess very little knowledge about their mother country-a matter of  regret

      and concern. We plan to correct this by adding Sri lankan History as a subject in the regular Time table.

12. Students engage in many Co-curricular and Extra- curricular activities and are trained by competent coaches who help

      students build up and maintain their physical fitness and improve their personality traits.



Our aims are central to all aspects of school life and are embedded in our daily practice. Through these we make sure that every child is valued and self worth is nurtured fully. We want our children to leave school as confident, self assured individuals with the skill to enable them to continue to achieve emotional well being, academic and social success.





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