Kandy Grammar School is “Dedicated to Academic Excellence”.

           This is an institution with the prime objective of providing the best educational experience to future generations. We work within the National Educational Policy Framework and the International G.C.S.E Specifications. Teachers are encouraged the exercise significant innovative skills in their effort to meet the learning needs of the students thus providing them higher standards of learning.

             It is our responsibility to develop language skills through extensive reading of recognized literature, creative writing and comprehension. In world today, we need to encourage students towards self-publishing their own media projects. We emphasize on the participation in extra-curricular activities in order to develop alertness which leads to quick co-ordination between the mind and the body and also to acquire leadership skills, team spirit and decision making skills and confidence in making a public speech.

          Discipline is essential to create a peaceful society and hence we try to inculcate the highest form of discipline amongst all students. In that, we strive to put their moral values in the right perspective without suppressing young enthusiasm and youthful spirits.

We ensure that they understand and value the feelings and aspirations of other fellow beings. Through teaching of all four main religions existing in our country, we instill in the mind of our students the need to live in harmony in a pluralistic society.

          We give our teachers the best attention and due respect as they are our core competence. We take special effort to recruit the best teachers and ensure that they learn new methodologies, update their skills through workshops and training programs. Further Special attention is given to slow learners, with assistance from counsellors and medical consultants, regarding their development.

          We appreciate the support and guidance extended to us by our Chairman and the Board of Directors in reaching the goals of creating a dynamic school environment for the children.



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