Rules & Regulations

1. Must attend school regularly.

2. Must Respect and obey teachers.

3. Must respect persons and property.

4. Must not damage or destroy school property.

5. Must not bully their peers and school mates.

6. Must not leave school early without permission and must not skip classes.

7. Must not litter the school and it’s surrounding. Use of polythene in the school premises is prohibited.

8. Must not loiter in and around school in the school uniform  after school hours,near other bus stops,internet

    cafes,shopping centers or any other public places.



9.   Unauthorized presence of students at the school is not allowed.

10. Must bring all their text books and writing books as per their time table ,complete their homework and assignments


11. Must take active participation in school activities.

12. Must do their ‘Very best’ to represent their school with pride at all occasions in society.

13. School hours are from 7.30 am to 1.30 pm from Monday to Friday.Must be punctual.

14. Absenteeisms should submit an excuse letter(Hand Book)on being absent from school and should submit a medical

      certificate if the absent period is more than 03 Days.

15. Things not to have and things to be mindful about:

              Magazines,card packs,CD’s,DVD’s,Cassettes,Radios,Flash Drives, dongles,Cameras,MP3’s,MP4’s,Walkmans,Video

              Games,Teen Books,Mobile Phones,SIM Cards, Prepaid Cards,Mobile Phones particularly with internet facilities,Casual

              colored Dresses,/T-Shirts/Trousers,Toys,Cosmetics,Gel on hair and Jewelery of all types are not permitted in the

              school premises.

16. Students are not allowed to take part in commercial programmes such as fashion shows,advertisements,etc.,except on

      special permission given by the Principal.

17. Students should bring the Handbook(Communication Book)everyday and be able to submit it when asked to(Hand Book

       should contain correct and current personal details including contact numbers of Parents/Guardian)

18. Students should not attend extra classes in school uniform.

19. All visitors including students,old girls,parents,are expected to dress decently when visiting the school. Persons,who are

      dressed in jeans,tights,short skirts,short dresses,tank tops,etc. Will not be permitted to enter the school premises. Also they

      should sign on the book at the security point.

20. School fees must be paid on or before 25th of every month.

       Arrears in school fees for more than two months will compel the school management to take necessary action.(Abide by the

       student code of discipline and student safety pledge).




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